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We offer a range of services packages to suit all bikes! And a wide range of individual services. If you can't find something your looking for, Send us a message below and we will assist you!
Services on offer

service packages

Check out below the Service Packages listed below!
What’s included

 Full Checkover and Diagnosis, Safety Check, Frame Wipe-down, All Bolts Checked and Tightened, Tyres Inflated, Brakes Adjusted and Aligned, Chain Cleaned and Lubricated


Basic Service

*Recommended for standard bikes*

All of the above plus: Gears Tuned, Derailleur Hangar Aligned, B Tension and Limit Screws Set


Silver Service

*Recommended for well-used and commuter bikes*

All of the above plus: Brake Pads and Rotors Cleaned/Deglazed, Drivetrain Disassembled and Degreased, Headset Bearings Inspected and Adjusted, Bottom Bracket Bearings Inspected and Adjusted, Hub Bearings Inspected and Adjusted


Gold Service

*Recommended for high-performance and racing bikes*

All of the above plus: Cables Replaced (Inner+Outer), Brake Bleed and Flush, Bottom Bracket-Headset and Hubs Overhauled, Wheels Removed-Inspected and Trued, Bike Stripped To Bare Frame



Service Chart

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Other services

We don't just offer Service Packages, We offer other Services, Individual Services and Add-Ons to Service Packages. Some of the most common are below, If you still can't find exactly what you're looking for contact us. We're happy to help!
Other Services
  • Pre-Sale Service 
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Puncture Repair
  • Gear Adjustment
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Suspension Servicing
  • Wheel Trueing
  • Bike Detailing
  • Bike Assembly
  • Custom Builds
  • Bearing Servicing 
  • Component and Accessory Installation
  • Bike Storage Solutions
  • Accessory Sales
  • Tubeless Conversions

Where do we travel?

We have a large Service Footprint that covers almost ALL of Metro Melbourne. However certain minimum charges, or Call-Out Fees may apply depending on your location. Click the button below to find out more!
Prefer to drop-off your bike?

In-shop servicing

For those who prefer to Drop-Off your bike to our workshop, We have designated Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times. Our workshop is located in Doreen, Victoria. We are only open during certain times outside of our standard Mobile Servicing hours of operation. 

In-Shop Operating Hours

Monday: 7am-8am & 5pm-7pm

Tuesday: 7am-8am & 5pm-7pm

Wednesday: 7am-8am & 5pm-7pm

Thursday: 7am-8am & 5pm-7pm

Friday: 7am-8am ONLY

Sat & Sun: 11am-2pm

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